Enterprise Software Management Suite 5

ESM Suite 5 is Solutive’s award winning and SAP® certified standard software solution.

Enterprise Software Management Suite modules

Modularization allows the flexible, innovative and results-driven usage of Enterprise Software Management for all  our customers

ESM Change Management

The operative Change Management serves as the basic ESM Suite module and provides the foundation for digitalization and automatization with Enterprise Software Management. It includes automated ITIL-based best practice processes for SAP® and non-SAP environments that reflect Solutive’s hands-on experience in the field. These turnkey processes were designed to make implementation a breeze and include e,g, request for changes, standard changes, and even emergency changes.

  • Eliminate paper-based change requests. Benefit from an integrated platform that serves your business users and IT staff alike.
  • The solution takes a process-driven approach to the management of SAP NetWeaver® transport requests, making it easy for you to handle any changes. At the same time, it gives you end-to-end control over the process and provides complete audit trails.
  • Never worry about “abandoned” or “parked” transport requests again.
  • It has never been easier to upload and transport third-party transports.
  • With granular permissions in place, you can easily and reliably distinguish between internal and external staff.
  • Flexible approval procedures that can be conveniently configured ensure compliance with applicable guidelines. A digital approval process eliminates the need for your key users to waste time signing documents.
  • Continuous logging ensures that complete and accurate audit trails are created.
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ESM Enterprise Development Optimizer

The ESM Suite Module Enterprise Development Optimizer is a repository of modern ABAP® development tools that are tightly integrated with the change process to improve the quality of development and to protect productive systems from transport errors.

Excerpt of the functions:

  • Critical object checks: Commonly used features and ABAP® objects can cause significant damage when erroneous changes go unchecked. Objects that are deemed critical are reviewed as part of the change process and cannot be released without prior approval.
  • Critical usage: One example of critical usage could be programmed access to HR tables. To prevent this from happening, you can define these types of usage as critical and have them identified as part of the change process.
  • Code Inspector integration: SAP® Code Inspector is integrated with the change process and checks all transport requests associated with a change based on check variants that are centrally defined for each system landscape – for example SAP HANA® readiness checks. This reduces the burden on your developers and helps them deliver high-quality results.
  • Impact analysis: The impact analysis carries out thorough checks to provide early-phase overtake and overwrite protection and prevent program errors that only occur after execution on the target system. This prevents transport errors from reaching your production systems and ensures that they are imported in the right order, saving you time and money.
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ESM Release Management

The EMS Suite Module Release Management makes it easy for you to plan, execute, and monitor your ABAP® based software and template releases.

  • The release plan paves the way to success for any release manager looking for an efficient way to plan and track their work.
  • Get at-a-glance overviews of releases and their respective status and of the number of included changes available to be moved into production.
  • Drill down from the release to the change details and quickly retrieve the information you need with just a few clicks.
  • Go live with your releases in multiple production systems with a single click.
  • Better safe than sorry! The release impact analysis reviews all transport requests before they go live to identify potential impacts ahead of time.
  • The dependency analysis reviews changes that need to be moved to another release to avoid cascading errors.
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ESM Corporate Software Management

Companies that are part of a larger corporate structure with business divisions operating around the globe are often faced with the challenge of applying proper IT governance. Doing so, of course, requires them to align their business and IT strategies. This is where the ESM Suite Module Corporate Software Management comes in with its ability to map the corporate software lifecycle from end to end.

  • Packing: Combines transports, SAP® notes, manual tasks and much more into reusable packages. Thanks to its integration with ESM Change Management, the packages can be created alongside the changes.
  • Delivery: Packages are delivered to selected target systems within the context of an approval process. This is accompanied by the impact analysis, which, prior to delivery, checks all transport requests for potential errors and reports them before they become a problem.
  • Protect: Once objects are delivered, they are protected from template changes in the target systems to avoid complications that may arise should they be delivered again. This not only means more control from a governance perspective, it also prevents business divisions from unknowingly changing any objects that will later be overwritten again by a central update.
  • Tracking: Get a single pane of glass to view of where packages or transport requests are at and what status they are in. You won’t have to waste any more time obtaining this information through lengthy communication.
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