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Our JIRA Server addon integrates the Enterprise Software Management Suite enables seamless and automated end to end processes.


Solutive’s Enterprise Software Management (ESM) connects IT service management (ITSM) and Application lifecycle management (ALM) for SAP® Business Suite systems. The SAP® certified Enterprise Software Management Suite 5 provides an out-of-the-box standard software solution for automation, efficiency, compliance and safety within SAP NetWeaver® Landscapes. Leveraging the unique features of our release, change and transport Management and our “fast-lane” service package will have you taking advantage of Enterprise Software Management in days.


Digitalization in  SAP® – Application Lifecycle Management
Fast, Straightforward, Results-Driven, and Cost-Optimized

Always the “correct” import sequence, release support, exceptional usability, quality-assured and complete imports of transport requests or “simply” a high level of automation and hassle-free compliance.

Most companies have a long wish list when it comes to SAP NetWeaver® based change and transport management today.

With its Enterprise Software Management Suite 5, Solutive AG has created a certified standard software solution that meets these and many other requirements out of the box.

Enterprise Software Managment bridges the gap between a company’s IT service management and the application lifecycle management processes for SAP® Business Suite systems it relies on.

The Enterprise Software Management Suite is a certified standard software solution that gives you the most innovative and comprehensive set of tools for your SAP release, change and transport management.

Start leveraging digitalization to prepare for tomorrow and free up resources to embrace the challenges ahead.

  • Based on ITIL best practices, Solutive AG’s Release, Change and Transport Management for SAP and non-SAP systems is designed to deliver ad hoc compliance and complete audit trails.
  • Its advanced and process-integrated “check and lock” logic enhances system stability and ensures that your business-critical data is handled with proper controls in place.
  • Unified and highly automated process flows take the hassle out of application lifecycle management and ease the burden on your key staff.
  • It simplifies the handling of SAP NetWeaver® transports through process control to reduce complexity and give you the focus you need to get you day-to- day software maintenance and development work done in no time.
  • Continuous development efforts ensure that the Enterprise Software Management Suite and its modules will be quickly adapted to meet future requirements.
  • By establishing automated processes to reduce manual efforts, you can improve the efficiency of existing resources and create the flexibility you need to engage in new challenges.
  • A check logic is integrated with the process to improve quality and deliver a lasting impact right from the development stage.
  • A sophisticated impact analysis is in place to protect your production environment from incorrect states.
  • Instant measurability for process transitions, for example as they go from “development” to “testing”, promotes a service-oriented mindset. You can easily verify statements like “The IT department can’t keep up!” or “But we tested that!”.
  • KPIs are available to give you measurability, control, and opportunities for optimization.
  • Automatic status transitions, notifications, and granular authorization controls will significantly accelerate response times.
  • The user interface is modern and intuitive to allow users to work faster without a steep learning curve.
  • A standard software solution that is  SAP® certified and “made in Germany”.
  • This will protect your investment for years to come and ensure a partnership of equals.
  • A user-friendly and modern user interface.
  • Built-in turnkey processes that are based on ITIL best practices and can be easily adapted to your needs.
  • Seamless integrations based on the standardized ESM API with minimal time and effort.
  • Rapid implementation for a faster ROI.
  • A software vendor that runs its own support organization.
  • An agile software development approach to speed up the delivery of new features.
  • A solution that is fully based on SAP NetWeaver® and ABAP® and shipped in its own namespace.

In a nutshell

The Enterprise Software Management Suite is the most innovative standard software solution for your SAP® Business Suite release, change and transport management. It has extensive functionality, can be used right out of the box and its modern web interface is highly intuitive. Automation and standardization paired with ITIL-based processes significantly reduce the time spent on SAP® Application lifeycle management. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing solutions and processes protects your investments and delivers a fast ROI. Various checks and controls are integrated with the process to improve quality and mitigate the risk of production system impacts. The Enterprise Software Management Suite covers the current auditing guidelines of your company and reduces auditing efforts from days to seconds.

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